IKADA Management Team has spent years throughout Turkey within the scope of several international and national projects. The management team and contracted experts delivered consulting and training services to several public institutions and private companies in almost each of the provinces of Turkey through various national and international projects implemented. IKADA’s on site experience is complemented by in-depth international know-how bringing a glocal project management point of view.


Technical Assistance for Bovine Leather Processing in Uşak

The project started operations in March 2020. The final beneficiary is the Uşak Combined Leather Organised Industrial Zone. The purposes of this contract are to diversify and improve production and marketing capacities of leather sector SMEs through establishment and operationalisation of a common-use facility, and to consolidate the long term partnership and collaborative working culture amongst the SMEs in leather sector. This Project is composed of two main activities:
- Operationalization of the CUF (Activity A)
- Formulation of Clustering Initiative and Capacity Building for SMEs (Activity B) Updates will be made to this section as the project progresses.

Support for Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas in Azerbaijan

The project started operations in March 2019. The final beneficiaries are the Entrepreneurship Development Policy Department, the Ministry of Economy and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEEDA). The aim of the project is to contribute to business development in Azerbaijan, to create employment in all economic regions of Azerbaijan, to improve rural livelihoods and quality of life in rural areas and to support the Ministry of Economy and related structures to provide better support to Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Technical Assistance for Establishment of Eskişehir Design and Innovation Centre (EDIC)

The project started operations in June 2020. The final beneficiary is the Eskişehir Anadolu Technology Research Park (ATAP).

The purposes of this contract are to increase the competitiveness of the SMEs in aviation, railway, machinery, automotive and white goods sectors and to contribute the increase of the engineering, design and prototyping capabilities of the SMEs in these sectors in Eskişehir.

This Project is composed of three main activities:
- Establishment and Operationalization of the Design and Innovation Centre (Activity A)
- Capacity Development and Business Delivery Services to SMEs (Activity B)

- Visibility and Communication (Activity C)

Updates will be made to this section as the project progresses.

Technical Assistance for Transformation to Technical Textile (TTT) in Denizli

The project started operations in June 2020. The final beneficiary is the Denizli Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of this contract is to build the capacity of Denizli manufacturing industry on technical textiles through common use area and cluster approach.

This Project is composed of three main activities:
- Preparatory Studies for the Establishment of TTT (Activity A)
- Transformation to Technical Textile (TTT) of SMEs in Denizli (Activity B)

- Establishment of the Cluster Initiative (Activity C)

Updates will be made to this section as the project progresses.


MARAŞ-Technical Assistance for the Activation of Maraş Pepper Cluster in Southeast Anatolia Region

Funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, and Kahramanmaraş Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock as the beneficiary of the project, it was implemented from April 2017 for a term of 18 months. The main objectives of the project are; To contribute to the economic development of the region and to increase the competitiveness of the Maraş Pepper Sector in the region. Within the scope of the project, the Maraş Pepper Cluster was established and the packaging facility and laboratory for common use were made operational.

SİVAS-Technical Assistance for Sivas Enterprise Development Centre (ISGEM)

Funded by The European Union and the Republic of Turkey, and Central Anatolia Development Agency (ORAN) as the beneficiary of the project, it was implemented from August 2016 for a term of 24 months. The aim of the project is to strengthen the infrastructure of Sivas İŞGEM and the technical capacities of enterprises in İŞGEM and to carry out business development activities for enterprises in Sivas İŞGEM. Within the scope of the project, İKADA Consultancy has carried out activities for the preparation of business plans and services manuals, promotion and dissemination and strengthening the technical capacities of the enterprises in Sivas İŞGEM in order to improve the service infrastructure of Sivas İŞGEM.

Entrepreneurship Training and Mentorship Support Services for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Turkey

Within the scope of the "Support for Entrepreneurship Program" carried out by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the General Directorate of International Labor of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, funded by the European Union (EU), entrepreneurship training was given to a total of 420 Syrians in Hatay, Bursa and Istanbul and citizens of the Republic of Turkey; 84 people selected among those who wanted to start or develop their own business after the trainings have benefited from one-to-one mentoring support; the business ideas of 42 candidates who were successful in the business plan competition following the mentoring process was supported by the ILO grant.

Child Friendly Cities Programme

Child Friendly Cities is a UNICEF initiative that is being implemented around the world. Within the scope of UNICEF Turkey 2016-2020 Country Programme, "Child Friendly Cities Programme" was launched with the cooperation of Internal Affairs and aimed to collaborate with local authorities to ensure that children's rights and needs can be found and involved in strategic planning, budgeting and implementation at the level of local governments. Child Friendly Cities include concrete objectives such as increasing children's participation and resources for children, raising awareness of children's rights advocacy, expanding examples of child-friendly programmes, and improving children's right to play. IKADA Consultancy has organized methodical trainings and thematic trainings (Child Friendly Cities, Child Participation, Budgeting, Strategic Planning and Impact Assessment, etc.) to be provided to municipalities within the scope of Child Friendly Cities (CFC) programme and provided direct technical support to municipalities to become child friendly cities. In addition to these, it has trained young trainers who will train the young people to be trained to support municipalities in their goal of becoming a child-friendly city. Monitoring and evaluation system was established within the scope of the program and support was provided for the preparation of child status reports of cities.

More and Better Jobs for Women: Women’s Empowerment through Decent Work in Turkey

Funded by the International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), and coordinated by International Labor Organization (ILO) in cooperation with Turkey Business Association (TEO), this project provided support for the development of an inclusive and holistic policy on a national scale for the dissemination and promotion of female employment, and provision of decent job opportunities for women, gender equality and raising awareness in the area of labor standards and to support women's empowerment in Turkey were aimed.

Technical Assistance for the Improvement of the Shared Industrial Infrastructure of the Pistachio Processing Sector

Funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the beneficiary of the project is Siirt Pistachio Producers Association. The aim of the project, which has been implemented for 24 months starting from February 2016, is to increase the competitiveness of the pistachio sector in Siirt. Within the scope of the project, the Joint Pistachio Processing Plant (SFIT), which will serve the pistachio producers in the region, has been operationalized, market research was conducted in Turkey and 3 continents, human resources infrastructure of the facility was established and business plans for SFIT and role model enterprises was prepared, branding and marketing activities were carried out, training and consultancy services were provided to SMEs for capacity building and business development, operational systems and integrated quality management systems were established and manuals/guides were prepared for all systems.

Technical Assistance for Establishment of Common-use Processing Facility for Industrial Forestry Products in Kastamonu

Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, and Kastamonu Commodity Exchange as the beneficiary, the project aimed to increase the competitiveness of the forest and wood work industry in Kastamonu. Nearly 700 forest and forestry products that are active in Kastamonu have been supported in many areas such as technical production support, business activity coordination management, improvement of infrastructure, and high efficiency production process. Preparation of business plans for joint production facility and role model enterprises, marketing studies, recruitment and training of OÜT personnel, provision of business development consultancy services to SMEs, establishment and certification of operational systems and quality management systems and preparation of manuals/guides related to all systems were carried out.

Technical Assistance for Economic and Social Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Van Province

The project, funded by the European Union and the General Directorate of Provincial Administration of the Ministry of Interior and the Governorate of Van as the beneficiary, has been implemented for 2 years starting from October 2014. The aim of the project is to ensure the social and economic integration of IDPs through equalization of access to basic services and development of socio-economic conditions and capacities. To this end, efforts were made to increase the capacities of internally displaced persons and institutions providing services to these people.

Technical Assistance for Promoting Registered Employment Through Better Guidance and Inspection (PRE-II)

Co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey, the aim was to increase the capacity of SSI, Labor and Social Affairs and other relevant organizations, to determine a road map in the field of promotion of formal employment and society by using awareness-raising activities and grants aimed to raise awareness in this area. Within the scope of the project, training and awareness activities were carried out for the personnel of the Social Security Institution, accounting and financial consultancy professional group and all related groups.

Technical Assistance for Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey-III ( TA & Grant Scheme)

Overall aim of the project is to increase the level of understanding of the benefits & contributions of Turkish EU membership in Turkey and in the EU. Target groups of the project are Media organizations at Local, Regional, National, Audio-visual media, Printed media Internet media Civil Society organisations and non-profit organisations directly related with media Professional media bodies such as press councils ; CSOs working in the fields of democracy, justice, fundamental rights and freedom, social dialogue and solidarity, culture, migration and asylum. Following activities are to be realized within the scope of the project: development of a publicity and visibility plan, review and modification of monitoring manual activity, re-customising and adaptation of the MIS, training needs assessment for media trainings, developing the capacity of grant beneficiaries in project management and implementation, reporting and respecting EU procurement and visibility rules, grant implementation (gpim) & procurement manuals (pm), delivery of trainings for grant beneficiaries interim evaluation and post-grant workshops developing and strengthening the expertise and know-how within the meu on grant implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety Conditions at Workplaces in Turkey

Within the scope of this project which was applied in 2010-2012, to improve the Occupational Health and Safety conditions of mining, construction and metal industry, the OHS Management System was established, educations were given to SMEs in the target regions and public awareness raising campaigns were organized throughout Turkey.

Technical Assistance for Development of Regional Laboratories of Occupational Health Safety Centre (ISGUM)

The Project, which was implemented between 2010 and 2012, aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of İSGÜM personnel on harmonized European Union legislation and practices. With the project completion, aim was to take central and regional laboratories located in 7 provinces of Turkey, to provide the same standard and high quality services and to provide advanced services and consultancy on the implementation of EU legislation harmonizing with SMEs, and training and capacity strengthening activities were carried out within this scope. Awareness raising activities were carried out at national level and awareness of ISGUM was increased.

Technical Assistance for Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey-II

The overall objectives of the project of which this contract will be a part are as follows; ensure a better knowledge and understanding of Republic of Turkey within the European Union, including Turkish history and culture, thus allowing for a better awareness of the opportunities and challenges of future enlargement; ensure a better knowledge and understanding of the European Union within the Republic of Turkey, including the values on which it is founded, its functioning and its policies.
The specific objective of the project is to assist the MoEU in the implementation of 3 Grant Schemes under the “Promotion of Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and the Republic of Turkey- II” Following activities were carried out: support to grant scheme management and monitoring activities, preparation of the project manuals , training of the PIU members on project management and monitoring, training of trainers of grant project management for grant beneficiaries.

Continuation of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme

The overall purpose of the project is to ensure participation of young professionals, students and civil servants in the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme funded by the EU, by developing trained human resources in the EU acquis, whereas specific purpose is to assist Ministry of EU in the implementation of the programme in Turkey. Ikada carried out following activities: development and maintenance of the Programme website; development of the MIS; promotion of the Programme to all interested parties and potential candidates , Transparent and fair selection of scholars, identification of universities and training institutions relevant to both needs of the scholars and to the objective of the scholarship programme a, placement of the scholars at their respective training institutions, monitoring of and assistance to the scholars during their studies abroad; organisation of seminars and workshops organized with Jean Monnet Scholars’ Association; overall administrative and financial management of the IPA Contract.

Independent Monitoring and Evaluation of the Grant Scheme Programme scheduled under the EU funded Strengthening Pre-School Education (RFP-TURA-2011-01)

The purpose of the project is to upgrade and establish quality child day care and pre-school education services for disadvantaged children and their families through the capacity building of MoNE institutions, public institutions, municipalities, NGOs, and development of community based models and partnership. 75 grant projects in 38 provinces are awarded under this Grant Scheme totalling to an approximate budget of EUR 5.860.000.Following activities were carried out: assess the implementation of the grant, map and collect information of the developments of the grant scheme programme, provide continuous support to CSOs and schools benefiting from the grant scheme, identify challenges and opportunities, feed information into the existing MIS database on the grant monitoring, periodically undertake quarterly field monitoring visits to provinces to monitor the grants on site, coordinate with the project manager and the other relevant stakeholders on the monitoring of the grants, analysis of monitoring and data ,capacity building on monitoring and evaluation at relevant staff of MoNE.

USAID funded Evaluation of the “Enhanced Identification and Protection of Trafficked Persons in Turkey (IPT)” Project

Provision of consultancy to enhance the capacity of relevant Turkish anti-trafficking stakeholders to identify and protect (potentially) trafficked persons more effectively and provide social inclusion of these persons by establishing standardised operating procedures (SOPs) for the identification of (potentially) trafficked persons based on a victim-centred approach. Evaluated performance IPT project via SMART indicators, identified good practices, lessons learned, recommendations. Carried out a research study, gap & needs analysis between Turkish and EU policies on anti-trafficking and social inclusion of trafficked persons (including a legal- & institutional mapping).

Turkey Resilience Project in Response to the Syria Crisis-C1: Job Creation- ‘Services for Preparation of Sectoral Roadmaps and One-on-One Consultancy to SMEs

Within the scope of the project financed by the EU and coordinated by UNDP: - Diagnosis and analysis studies were carried out with stakeholders from Chambers of Commerce and Industry and SMEs - Sectoral Strategic Road Maps for Food, Machinery, Plastic and Textile Sectors were prepared - National Strategic Roadmap entitled New Approaches in Manufacturing Industry was prepared - One-to-one consultancy services were provided to SMEs